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Maximum Demand made Easy!
For people who want to perform a Maximum Demand but cant get started
Don’t delay! Performing a maximum demand could take You hours or even days to get right…Until Now
Avoid Effort!
Now You can easily complete Your maximum demand in just minutes with this amazing new programme and its so easy to use. Whether Your installation is Domestic, Commercial or Industrial you will make short work of it and produce professional results that will impress your clients...Simply Brilliant!
1. Select One of Your Load Types i.e. Lighting
2.Select Lamp Type and rating
3. Input the Number of Lamps on Each Phase
Push the “Calculate” button to instantly see Your Results, press the “Add to Table button” And select your next Load Type until Your Complete.
It’s Just that Easy!
Make Work Easier for Yourself Now!
Now You simply point and click and all your results are Instantly displayed, it does not get any Easier than this and the most Amazing Fact is You Need No previous experience to start performing Maximum Demand…Simply Amazing!

Save all your work

1. Printout a full report
2. Easy to use
3. Domestic, Commercial and Industrial installations

Be Independent!
Now for all sizes of installations use the maximum demand programme to Save You Time & Money…Guaranteed!
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